Every week it seems, there are allegations being brought against high-profile men who have engaged in one form or another of sexual misconduct. Just this weekend, we heard of the resigning of Les Moonves, head of CBS, due to sexual misconduct allegations. As we know, Mr. Moonves adds to the list of many who have been accused of serious sexual misconduct since the Harvey Weinsten story broke in October 2017.

In the year since the Harvey Weistein allegations and the #MeToo movement began, employers have been trying to prevent harm to their employees while minimizing their legal exposure.

On October 5th, during a one-hour webinar, Jonathan Segal aims to address the 20 most common mistakes employers make in their harassment prevention programs. Join him, as he highlights ways to avoid the most common mistakes employers make while trying to do the right thing regarding harassment prevention. #MeToo is here to stay and harassment prevention laws are only becoming stricter for workplaces. Ensure your organization is avoiding risks and doing the right thing by attending, what is sure to be, a highly engaging and enlightening webinar.

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Harassment Prevention Webinar