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Emily M. Wajert
Posted 03.05.18
Hey, Employer – Do You Really Own Your Employee’s Invention? New Jersey Law Creates New Protections for Employee Inventions
New Jersey employers who rely on employment contracts to dictate ownership rights to employee inventions may want to revisit their agreements in light of new legislation.
Emily M. Wajert
Posted 12.14.17
Time to Deck the Halls
The holiday season may be viewed by many as “the most wonderful time of the year,” but it is also the time of year where employers can find themselves on the naughty list – facing potential religious discrimination suits.
Emily M. Wajert
Posted 11.19.17
Illinois Bucks the Trend on Salary History
A growing number of cities and states have enacted legislation banning employers from inquiring about an applicant’s past salary history in an effort to remedy the gender pay gap and combat discrimination. Illinois will not be joining that list—at least not yet.
Emily M. Wajert
Posted 11.08.17
When Employers Shouldn’t Require 100% From Employees
A recent consent decree between the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) and American Airlines Inc. and Envoy Air Inc. takes direct aim at the legality of employers’ “100% return-to-work” policies which require that an employee be restriction-free before returning to work from a medical leave of absence.