Pay Equity in 2021: Navigating an Increasingly Complex Legal Landscape and Minimizing Risk of Pay Gap Liability
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Thursday, Jan 21st 2021
01:00 pm - 02:30 pm (EST)
1.5 Credits
Course Description:
It is undeniable that there is a pay gap relative to gender, race and ethnicity. Debating how large the gap misses the point: inequity is just that and carries with it legal, business and ethical considerations. This webinar provides an overview of the developing legal landscape. It also will focus on systemic guardrails to mitigate the risk of pay inequity. Finally, it will focus on the deceptively complex issue of pay equity audits with discussion of practices to maximize the benefits of such audits and minimize the risks.

What is the legal landscape we will explore?

In addition to legal protections applicants and employees have under the Equal Pay Act and other federal, state and local non-discrimination and/or equal pay laws, an increasing number of states have or are considering more robust pay equity laws that make it easier for an employee to prove pay inequity. States with robust pay equity laws include, for example, California, Colorado, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon and Washington. But laws in these states, and pending bills, are far from uniform; there are many variables that employers must navigate.

There also are many variables in state and local salary ban laws, existing or proposed. Such laws currently exist for private sector employers in 15 states from coast (New York) to coast (California) and in approximately a dozen local jurisdictions. This webinar will discuss multi-state compliance as well as the potential benefits to an employer of not asking about salary, even where not prohibited by state or local law.

Pending Credits: 1.5 CA CLE; 1.8 NJ CLE; 1.5 NY CLE; 1.5 PA CLE; 1.5 HRCI; 1.5 SHRM

(Other states available for CLE credits upon request)
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Christopher D. Durham
Maria Caceres-Boneau
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Employment Law
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