What the #%!*: Political Correctness in the Workplace
Program ID 2965295
Thursday, Sep 10th 2020
01:00 pm - 02:30 pm (EST)
1.5 Credits
Course Description:
Political correctness (or the lack thereof) is a year-round and non-election-related concern, often having little to do with politics. Heated discussions of social hot-button topics, off-hand comments about the news, different management and personality styles—all of these come together in our increasingly diverse workplaces to create potential problems. In this session, we will explore the meaning of political correctness and to what extent (and how) we can deal with it in our organizations. What is the balance between creating an open, more-inclusive working environments and having employees feel unable to express themselves? How can we set the proper tones for our employees? And does it even matter? We will discuss:

· The potential risks of politically incorrect comments and discussions in the workplace—and why turning a blind eye (or ear) or being overly restrictive are not usually the best approaches.

· Ways that management and leaders can set the desired organizational tone in these areas.

· How to deal with co-worker clashes when they arise.

Pending Credits: 1.5 CA CLE; 1.8 NJ CLE; 1.5 NY CLE; 1.5 PA CLE; 1.5 HRCI; 1.5 SHRM

(Other states available for CLE credits upon request)
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Marc J. Scheiner
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Employment Law
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