Investigations by In-House Counsel: Privilege and Ethical Issues
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Thursday, Mar 25th 2021
01:00 pm - 02:00 pm (EST)
1.0 Credits
Course Description:
This webinar covers some of the more salient privilege and ethical issues that in-house counsel should consider when it comes to investigations by in-house counsel:

• Factors to consider in deciding whether an investigation should be privileged (such as what is the primary purpose and ultimate intended use of the investigation)
• Considerations on which counsel (such as whether in-house or outside counsel, and whether “regular” or “independent” counsel)
• Considerations on engaging non-attorneys (such as maximizing argument that functional equivalent or Kovel apply)
• Nuances of the “Upjohn Warning” (such as dealing with potential obstruction or disclosure issues)
• Special considerations in remote investigations (such as where are you practicing law)
• Potential conflict of interests (such as investigating someone you are representing)
• Navigating an internal investigation, while responding to a government investigation (such as common interest privilege communications with individual counsel and cooperation with the Government)
• Factors to consider in deciding whether to prepare a non-privileged report (including who is preparing it)
• Waiver of the privilege (such as through disclosures to the Government)
• Making non-privileged employment and other decisions in the context of privileged investigation (such as how to deal with an employee who refuses to cooperate in a privileged investigation)

Pending Credits: 1.0 CA CLE; 1.0 PA CLE; 1.2 NJ CLE; 1.0 NY CLE; 1.0 HRCI; 1.0 SHRM

(Other states available for CLE credits upon request)
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Jonathan A. Segal
Daniel R. Walworth
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Employment Law
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