Generation X: Have We Forgotten You?


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I am pleased to share with you the blog I wrote for SHRM.

It is hard to go on line and not read an article, blog, post or tweet on Millennials. There is, if you will, Millennial mania.

It is true that Millennial employees are now about 1/3 of the workforce and that percentage is rapidly growing. But even I can figure out the math on this one: 2/3 of the workforce is composed of non-Millennials. There is another way to describe them: older employees.

We absolutely must look at the wants and needs of Millennials because they are a key part of our future. We also need to be careful not to generalize about this generational group in a way that we would not about a racial, ethnic or religious group; there is substantial diversity among them.

But we cannot focus on Millennial employees at the exclusion of older employees. We run the risk of not only disengaging them but also of age-related litigation as a result of the disengagement.

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