Fix, Don’t Nix, Your Performance Reviews


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I am pleased to share my blog post for Entrepreneur on the importance of performance reviews.

Once again, performance reviews are under attack. Some management gurus have even called for their elimination. And a few big-name companies, such as Accenture, have already complied. But the idea of gutting reviews is nothing new. As long ago as 2000, a number of management mavens recommended “86-ing” them.

Why the renewed assault? Here are the four reasons I hear most commonly:

  • Time — For most supervisors, time is their most valuable commodity. Reviews take time and often are complicated. So, those appraisals don’t get done, resulting in a requirement not met, which may be exploited in litigation. But, can’t we make the evaluation less complicated and compel its completion?


  • Stale — With the rapidity of change, today’s goal may be outdated tomorrow. By the end of the year, the goals set at the beginning may not reflect the reality of what has transpired in between. But, can’t reviews be adjusted mid-year?


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