Investigations of Harassment and Other Legal Wrongdoing
Program ID 193805
Wednesday, Jun 14th 2017
09:30 am - 02:00 pm (EST)
4.0 Credits
Course Description:
If an employee alleges that he or she has been subject to or is aware of harassment or other legal wrongdoing, an employer ordinarily has an obligation to commence an immediate investigation. In some cases, the investigation may help the employer avoid liability altogether. At a minimum, it may minimize exposure to damages. And, of course, the corrective action where a wrong has occurred makes the workplace a better place. However, often the focus in litigation becomes the quality of the investigation, as opposed to the underlying conduct giving rise to it. In fact, often there is only one thing on which the plaintiff and defendant agree: the investigation was fatally flawed. You can’t make everyone happy. You shouldn’t try. It’s about doing the right thing, the right way. This seminar provides a road map for investigating harassment and other claims. Particular attention will be paid to: when to investigate, who should investigate, whether the investigation should be privileged, privilege tips, questions to ask (and to be avoided), making credibility determinations, documenting your findings and taking corrective action without admitting legal liability, preventing and correcting retaliation, and maximizing confidentiality (in light of the NLRB’s restrictions). Particular attention will be paid throughout the program to “in the moment” responses to events leading up to investigations and in the context of investigations themselves. After lunch, the program will conclude with an optional 90 minutes of role-playing based on “not-so-hypothetical” hypotheticals.
Credits: 4.0 PA CLE; 4.6 NJ CLE; 4.5 NY CLE; 4.0 HRCI; 4.0 SHRM
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