Social Media—It Affects Everything! How to Minimize Your Risks and Maximize Yo...
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Tuesday, Oct 24th 2017
12:30 pm - 03:00 pm (EST)
2.0 Credits
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We all are aware of the recent imbroglio over the practice of some employers in asking applicants for their passwords to access their private social media pages. Legal risk and bad business. But at the appropriate time and under the appropriate circumstances, social media can be a valuable tool in recruiting and hiring top-notch candidates. Similarly, an employer ordinarily cannot discipline an employee for disparaging the company or fulminating about the terms and conditions of their employment, unless they wish to tango with the NLRB. Yet, employers are not powerless to address the content of social media and may even have an obligation to investigate and/or take corrective action in response to social media content. Further, employers have an obligation to make sure that confidential information—for example, PHI under HIPAA or trade secrets— is not disclosed. Supervisors generally are advised not to friend, follow, etc. subordinates; they may learn more about them than if they looked in their medicine cabinets. However, that does not mean that supervisors should not link in with subordinates. By reviewing a subordinate’s social media activity, a supervisor may learn that a valued subordinate is considering alternative employment. Turning a blind eye to employees’ use of social media may also create risk from a wage and hour perspective. Social media policies may be a practical means way to set expectations, but there are common gaps and traps for the unwary.
Social media is not an “on-off” switch. There are business risks in ignoring it. There are legal risks in not thinking through how to use it. This session focuses on the intersection between social media and the employment relationship, including how social media affects employment and other company policies. We will also explore the strategic opportunities that social media can provide, including what leaders should know about their personal branding and how to engage with employees and customers. Recommendations will be made to maximize the business benefits while minimizing the legal risk.
Credits: 2.0 PA CLE; 2.8 NJ CLE; 2.5 NY CLE; 2.25 HRCI; 2.25 SHRM
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Jonathan A. Segal
Kathryn Brown
30 South 17th Street, 12th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19103-4196
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