For Men and Women Who Care About Male Colleagues
Posted 08.26.13
Jonathan A. Segal

We moved our October 15 event, Lean In Dialogues, to another center city location.  Easy access in and out of city. Click image below.

We are filling up the magnificent space very  fast. Only concern: not as many men have signed up, as of now, as we had hoped.

Smart men know that they benefit from gender equality . Smart men also would benefit in hearing what women in power may never have told them; you’ll hear it here.  We have seen many men felled because they made mistakes that could have been avoided.

If interested, please register ASAP

Women: of course, the same invite is extended to you but I had to get the attention of the men.

If interested, please e-mail Taylor that you are registering. Taylor’s email address is tmreynolds@duanemorris.com

We effectively have changed forum 3 times to meet demand.  We need to monitor attendance because we cannot change again.

Note the panel. True honor to facilitate.

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 2.23.22 PM

About Jonathan A. Segal
Jonathan A. Segal is a partner at Duane Morris LLP in the Employment Group. He is also the managing principal of the Duane Morris Institute. The Duane Morris Institute provides training for human resource professionals, in-house counsel, and other leaders at client sites and by way of webinar on myriad employment, leadership labor, benefits and immigration topics. Jonathan has served intermittently as a consultant to the Federal Judicial Center in Washington, D.C. for more than 20 years, providing training on employment issues to federal judges around the country. Jonathan also has provided training on harassment on behalf of the EEOC as well as providing training on diversity to members of the United States intelligence agencies. Jonathan is also frequently a featured speaker at national, state and local human resource, business and legal conferences, including conferences sponsored by the Society for Human Resource Management and the Pennsylvania State Chamber of Business and Industry. Jonathan’s practice focuses on maximizing compliance and minimizing legal risk. Jonathan’s particular areas of emphasis include: equal employment opportunity in general and gender equality in particular: social media; wage and hour; performance management; talent acquisition; harassment prevention and correction; and non-competes and other ways to protect your business. You can find him on Twitter @Jonathan_HR_Law .